Advanced home energy storage is here, just in time. “What’s most exciting is this solution — a renewable resource that can be added today to achieve near-term, state energy goals, while maintaining flexibility to achieve 100 percent renewables in the future,” said Hawaii Energy Connection managing partner Chris DeBone.

The company just launched a brand-new home energy battery storage system, the KumuKit™ Powerblocks, at the BIA Home Building and Remodeling Show at the Blaisdell Exhibition Hall in Honolulu and was well-received by the hundreds of attendees who stopped by the company booths interested in battery storage for their home. “As a matter of fact, we already began taking orders at the show,” said DeBone.


Hawaii Energy Connection is well known as the maker of the KumuKit™ PV system.


The KumuKit™ Powerblocks is a battery system that connects to a new or existing KumuKit™ PV system to provide electricity at night or if the power goes out. It also can be connected to any existing PV system. “It’s perfect because the system automatically stores any excess solar energy produced during the day and puts it back into the home for use when the island’s energy usage is at its highest, when people come home from work, cooking dinner, watching TV, taking showers and so forth,” added DeBone.

“In fact, with over 7,000 KumuKit PV systems already installed across the islands, our customers are one of the largest distributed clean energy resources in Hawaii,” said DeBone. “We know about the new (state energy) policies better than anybody, and we have these tools to help you navigate through the process.”



If you are interested in the KumuKit™ Powerblocks, you can sign up for a free site inspection online at or by calling Hawaii Energy Connection at 524-7336.

“There’s no hassle and no commitment — during the site inspection, one of our certified PV specialists will come to your house and properly ‘right-size’ your system. By right-sizing your system, you aren’t going to get more PV panels than you actually need,” said DeBone. “If it makes sense, then we move forward. We want people to understand how Hawaii Energy Connection can help you do your par in meeting the renewable energy goal. Customers want to go with us because we have new technology and we’re leaders in this era of energy storage.”

Kelli Shiroma contributed to this article.

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