HR-031316-West-Oahu-Roofing-3By Randall Balais

Is your roof leaking? Do the granules from your roof end up in your gutters? Or, does your roof have any issues that leave you thinking, “Is this the storm I have to bring out the pots and pans to catch the rain water seeping into my home?”

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, it is time for you to get an experienced roofing company with a fantastic track record to give you a free roofing assessment and roofing estimate for your home. West Oahu Roofing Inc. (WOR) is a company that has hundreds of satisfied homeowners and has been in business for 11 years servicing the entire island of Oahu.



The weather in Hawaii is starting to develop unusual patterns. From the amount of hurricanes that headed toward the Islands in 2015, to the earliest hurricane development in January, and the amount of wet weather the state receives that seems to pop out of nowhere.

Now is the time to take a proactive approach to ensure your roof will stand up to the weather that will come your way. The knowledgeable team of roofing estimators can provide you with an honest assessment
of your roof and will provide you with tailored roofing solutions that can fi t your needs, wants and budget. When you decide to work with West Oahu Roofing, the experienced team of roofers will come to your home to make you roof better than ever.

West Oahu Roofing is a fully licensed and insured roofing contractor that has maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and WOR wants to work with you.

If you are in need of an honest roofing company that will assess your roof, have West Oahu Roofing Inc. come to your home to create a roofing solution for you.


Randall Balais is the operations manager of West Oahu Roofing Inc.

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