Rejuvenate your indoor and outdoor spaces by resurfacing your concrete. This strategic home improvement will boost the functionality, efficiency and beauty of your spaces. Express yourself with custom flooring that speaks to your personality and lifestyle.

Decorate your existing concrete floors with concrete polishing, overlays and stains from Concrete Surface Designs. These flooring solutions allow you to create a custom look to suit your needs and taste. They stand up to the wear and tear of foot and vehicle traffic and all types of weather.


A seamless concrete floor unifies your living spaces. After removal of existing floor coverings, this can be achieved with concrete polishing, with or without a concrete stain. Existing concrete is given a face-lift as concrete polishing machines grind off the surface of the concrete, unveiling a stunning finish that rivals polished stone. There’s no need for waxing, simply dust and mop regularly to preserve the shine.

A concrete overlay will provide a fresh canvas to cover up imperfections and then color as you wish. Stain in neutral, timeless colors or go bold with concrete dyes in vibrant colors such as red, blue and green.

Overlays can provide a seamless surface or can be finished to look like tile, without the hassle of grout. Achieve the luxurious look of large-format tile in the color you desire.


Outdoor spaces are more inviting with flooring that is attractive and durable. Overlays and stains inject warmth and personality to an otherwise dull or undesirable space. The flagstone look is the company’s most popular exterior finish. It is created with a concrete overlay, and can be stained in a single color, or be given a multi-colored look in the colors of your choice.

Don’t settle for flooring that is unsightly or ordinary. Concrete flooring also is eco-friendly, resilient, resistant to mold and bacteria, and easy to maintain.

Take a look at the photo gallery on the company’s website. Visit Concrete Surface Designs’ showroom to see concrete resurfacing solutions and speak with a consultant. Showroom hours are Monday-Friday, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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