No matter where you live in the United States, the potential for severe weather always exists and sometimes it comes without much warning. There are few who understand the power of severe weather and natural disasters. Here’s why you should be prepared:

When Hurricane Katrina struck, 2.6 million people lost power, many for nearly a month. Today’s hurricanes also can cause extended outages that can leave the unprepared equally trapped and powerless in their home.


It’s essential all families develop an emergency plan. This plan should include a safe place in your home where you can find shelter and a safe location if you are away from home or you are forced to evacuate. Each family member also should have a cell phone so they can communicate with each other and ever y home should contain an emergency kit. The kit should include a weather radio, flashlight(s), batteries, first-aid kit, money, medications, heavy clothes and five days of non-perishable food and water.

The importance of power

In today’s world, many of the things people need to survive are tied to power.

A loss of power cuts off communication, makes it difficult to attain food and water, creates sanitation issues and hinders temperature controls such as heating and air conditioning.


Unlike por table generators, a standby generator automatically turns on when power is lost. A standby generator, which permanently is connected to your house like a central air conditioning unit, has the ability to power everything in your home including your heat and air conditioning systems, refrigerator, lights, computers, television and other technologies. Each of these modern-day necessities are indispensable during an emergency. And best of all, because the standby generator connects to your home’s existing fuel lines, you’ll never need to worry about refueling it to keep the power up and running.

To learn more about automatic standby generators, visit You’ll have the chance to watch informative videos explaining standby power and how it works. Star t your research today so when the next big storm arrives, you’ll be ready.

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