Coating your homeor buildings roof is an affordable way to protect the integrity of your home’s structure while keeping costs relatively low.

Reflective coatings preserve and protect your current roof membrane from UV deterioration, moisture, wind and thermal shock — elements that reduce the life of any roof system. Reflective coatings maintain cool internal temperatures by reducing heat transfer into your home or building, causing your air conditioning system to work less and require less maintenance. Roof coatings can help reduce energy consumption and are a great option to a complete re-roof. However, not all roofs are candidates for coating. This depends on your existing membrane being firmly attached to the deck of your home or building and it being in an acceptable state per standard roofing practices for a coating. This is extremely important and all too often overlooked. A trusted and accredited roofing contractor that determines what roofing options you really do have should always do a thorough inspection.



The staff at Surface Shield always is on the lookout for the newest and best products and systems out there. Tried, tested and proven, the company believes it has found one of the best systems yet.

Introducing SIL-THANE™ COOL ROOF COATING SYSTEM from the EVERROOF Company. SIL-THANE™ is a three-part, fluid-applied roof coating system. To start, a two-component, 100 percent volumes solids, water-based epoxy primer is applied to the roof. (Seen as yellow in the photos.) Then, a low VOC, (volatile organic compounds) Polyurethane base coat is applied. (Seen as red in photos.) Lastly, a high-solids industrial-grade silicone topcoat is applied. (Seen as white in the photos.)


What does this mean and how is this different than just silicone? Well it’s really in the Polyurethane base coat.


• A Polyurethane base coat will ensure no petroleum bleed (i.e., turning the roof brown).

• The elongation (how long it can stretch, return, expand and contract) properties of the Polyurethane base coat will give the silicone topcoat tremendous extra elongation versus the lack of elongation of a stand-alone silicone system.

• If by any chance the silicone topcoat is damaged, the Polyurethane base coat will keep the roof watertight throughout the warranty period. Strong Polyurethanes usually are the coatings you see atop parking structures resisting the wear and tear of heavy vehicular and foot traffic.


Combined, this system has all the qualities needed to provide home and business owners with years of added protection to their properties. Furthermore, it presents one of the most sensible bona fide warranties in the business to date.


Surface Shield is a licensed full-service roofing company and can handle any job, big or small. In addition to providing and installing the industry’s most technologically innovative coating products, Surface Shield Roofing also provides an array of full roofing systems from tile, metal to shingle and TPO. The company’s estimators provide homeowners with the roofing system that best suits their aesthetic desires and functionality needs. Call the company today for your free estimate at 739-9599.

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