As local residents make the transition to solar power for natural, sustainable energy, some homeowners may overlook a key step in the photovoltaic system installation process: properly preparing one’s roof to handle the desired system.

While the friendly staff at Murakami Roofing LLC brings four decades of experience to every job, the company also is lauded by loyal clients for its commitment to integrity and stellar customer service. Owner Clinton Murakami heads the family business, and recommends for those looking to install a PV system to spend time doing research and improving the current state of their roofs. An inspection is recommended for roofing surfaces that are at least 7 years old. After all, the structure will serve as the foundation for solar panels and other vital equipment that must be anchored.

“It’s important to have a professional assess the state of your roof, because if it’s fairly new, you can probably get away with not re-roofing,” Murakami explained. “However, if anything should occur, like a leak, it is very costly to remove the panels (approximately

$3,000 in out-of-pocket costs to remove 20 panels). We have met customers who have a PV system and now have leaks in their roof, so the homeowner takes the hit for this expense.”


In addition to pre-inspecting roof surfaces for customers, Murakami Roofing also offers a key service designed to optimize one’s roof for PV installation. Murakami explains that the company will work hand in hand with the desired solar panel installation team to ensure the roofing surface is in top shape, and anchor points are properly water-proofed and sealed to prevent leaks.

Murakami Roofing LLC employs a “customer promise,” which includes: an honest recommendation for the work needed; a thorough inspection followed by a written estimate; options for money-saving alternatives; a checklist with which residents can prepare for the pending roofing job.

“Once you choose us, we’re tied in for life,” said Murakami. “If there should be any issues, we’ll be there — we don’t pass the buck, or kick the can down the road. When you pick up the phone and need help, we’re there for you.”

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