Replacing your interior flooring or designing your new home? Consider concrete floors. Concrete has been the choice building material for centuries and decorative finishes prove it can be just as beautiful as it is strong and functional. No other flooring material can be customized like concrete can. It’s a stylish and smart choice that offers something for everyone.

Enhance existing concrete with stains. They provide a unique finish every time. Complement your d├ęcor with stains in neutral colors such as browns and grays, or go bold with dyes in blues, greens and reds. Colors can be mixed to create natural stone, marble or leather effects.

Polish your existing interior or garage floors for a glossy finish, combining high style and performance with easy maintenance. The polishing process removes the surface paste of concrete, exposing the stronger concrete that lies beneath. Polishing creates a stunning shine that rivals polished stone. With minimal maintenance, polished concrete floors will keep their luster for up to 10 years before they need to be refinished. Polished concrete floors only require dust mopping, and occasional use of a neutral pH floor cleaner, no waxing or sealing.


Polishing is a great solution for concrete with moisture issues because it does not involve a coating that possibly could delaminate from the moisture. Polished floors are breathable, allowing moisture to escape.

If your concrete has imperfections like minor cracks, chips or patches, don’t despair. A concrete overlay can be applied to mask those flaws and provide a fresh new canvas for polishing or staining.

No other surface can resist chipping, discoloring, warping and staining like a concrete floor can. They are great for indoor air quality, inhibiting mold, mildew and odors. They also are child and pet-friendly, stain-resistant and easy to clean. Concrete flooring absorbs cool air, which minimizes the need for cooling.


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