Renovate or rebuild? Whenever clients want to renovate or rebuild their home, the first thing they do is contact Dream Home Builders Inc. The company is able to guide them through the entire process to the completion of the project.

There are so many factors that a homeowner will need to consider when wanting to do construction on their home. One such factor is property value (usually ascertained by the business valuation process) as well as structural integrity. Generally, older or worn down properties are more costly to renovation is and the more one may wish to rebuild. The “Dream Team” can help establish whether your home is worth renovating or if you should just rebuild.

Why choose Dream Home Builders Inc.?

Whether it’s planning and designing to helping with the permit process, or selecting fixtures and building the actual home, customers choose Dream Home Builders because it is a company that customers can trust and depend on.


Many homeowners tend to not have any experience going through the construction process, but the Dream Team always will look out for the best interest of its clients, and keep its customers’ short-term and long-term goals in mind. Dream Home Builders educates its clients along the way – to help and guide them, and to make sure the project is a successful and enjoyable one.

Three models to choose from

To help spark your ideas for a demo and rebuild, Dream Home Builders also offers pre-designed, fully customizable homes. There are three models to choose from in the Mau Loa Residences Collection. You can choose to use one of these models and modify it to meet your needs, or you can choose to do something totally custom.

Whether your home is pre-packaged, pre-designed or totally customized, the Dream Team will make sure you get into your dream home. Contact Dream Home Builders, and start your dream today.

“My wife and I hired Mr. Chadworth Taniguchi to build our dream home in Kaneohe,” said Herman J. Perreira III. “We had no idea what we were getting into and were told by everyone we knew that during the time of all the planning and preparation of this project, my wife and I would probably get into quite a few arguments over all the stress.


“Mr. Taniguchi and his team made things so easy for us that I don’t remember being overwhelmed at all. He took control of planning every single detail and made sure that our wishes were implemented whenever possible. He kept us updated on the progress every step of the way.

Mr. Taniguchi and his team made our dreams come true in just four months.

From demolition of the existing house to the handing over of the keys to our brand new two-story home, I was thoroughly impressed.”

“We were finally ready to renovate our kitchen during 2014,” said Guy and Susan Crowell. “We had waited a few years to do this and were excited to finally get it done. After a few weeks of research, we selected Chad Taniguchi and Dream Home Builders as our contractor. From the very beginning, Chad and his staff were extremely accommodating and responsive to all of our questions and needs. Phone calls and emails were answered immediately, the schedule for the renovation was created quickly and the crew was efficient and very easy to work with. We got updates every day and we were pleased with the progress we saw at the end of each day when we got home from work. We also felt ver confident that the crew was trustworthy and our home was safe in their hands.”

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