By Guy Kakugawa

Remember, just a few years ago, looking from the Ewa plains to Waialua, covered with sugarcane and pineapple fields covering the landscape all the way to the mountains. The smoke-filled air, the black snow from the harvest of sugarcane burn covered my house in Ewa. A lot of us worked after school in the fields or picking pineapples at the cannery.

So many things have changed; the last sugarcane in Maui closed, ending an era. Most of us came from this kind of background of honest hard work. These were the times where a handshake was better than a contract. I like to call this “traditional values.”

The staff at All Island Bath bases its company on these values. My daughter, Jamie, as well as Moses, Emil, Mike and Ravyn are dedicated to serving our family of customers.


We like to thank all of our customer for all your support and we wish you a Happy New Year.

Here are some of the services we provide:

• Remodeling of kitchen or bathroom

• Senior conversion from tub to shower

• Alternative money saving options


• Tub lining (the thickest ones available on the market)

• Refinishing

• Simulated marble or granite finish we call (illusionite)

• Cut tub for easy access for seniors

Please also ask about All Island Bath’s new easy access bathtub for a special discount. Call 358-7780 for your free consultation. The company offer discounts for seniors, military, realtors and hotels; and also provides financing through Flexxbuy.


Guy Kakugawa is the owner of All Island Bath Remodeling LLC.

contact // 358-7780