Do-it-yourselfers are generally a “can-do” bunch, willing to tackle just about any home-renovation project — except perhaps installing a new kitchen sink. But with the right innovative product and a little self-confidence, it’s possible to get fabulous results for kitchen projects that you never thought you could do yourself — even installing a new, stainless-steel kitchen sink.

Kitchen sink replacement

Both utilitarian and a vital design element, the kitchen sink is one project that many DIYers hesitate to take on. Properly mounting a traditional sink requires precisely positioning and securing a number of clips — while twisting like a contortionist in the cabinet under the sink. A first-time DIYer could invest hours of time and frustration in getting the placement just right.

Enter the first-of-its kind FrankeUSA Fast-In Quick Install System. The system uses special pre-attached clips that allow homeowners to simply drop the sink into place from above the countertop. Because the clips are already in perfect position to secure the sink to the countertop, no special tools are required for the top-mount installation. Once the sink is in place, the DIYer simply presses down until the Fast-In clips click into position.

The 18-gauge, stainless-steel sink is classically styled; offering two generously sized 9-inch-deep basins and a universal four-hole configuration for a faucet, spray and accessories. The sink’s narrow center divider, unique slim-rim design and extra-deep ledges provide ample work space, while helping keep water in the sink and off countertops.

Cabinet refurbishment

Replacing cabinets can be costly and time-consuming. Hanging them requires accurate measuring, proficiency with a level, a keen eye and a steady hand. But rather than hanging new cabinets, it’s possible to upgrade the ones you have, create a fresh look and improve their efficiency.


If your cabinets are in good shape but just look dated, cosmetic fixes are easy. Paint or refinish them in a hue that fits your design vision, and replace older hardware with contemporary designs. It’s easy to replace doors that are damaged or too shabby to repair; home-improvement stores now offer cabinet refacing materials, a variety of door styles, and tips for DIYers who want to swap out cabinet doors.

Countertop refresh

Installing new countertops is also a significant job that many homeowners choose to leave to professionals. However, if you don’t have the budget to pay someone to install new countertops for you, and don’t have the skills to do it yourself, you can still refresh your counters.

Laminate is one of the most common and cheapest materials for countertops. It’s also the material that’s easiest to make look like something expensive and professionally installed, such as granite, concrete or marble. You can find a number of kits that provide all the materials and instructions you need to refinish laminate countertops for a whole new look.

Beautiful backsplashes

A great backsplash creates a visual focal point in the kitchen. It is also functional, protecting walls from stovetop splatters. You might think something that looks that good requires professional installation, but it’s actually easy to create a beautiful backsplash.

Depending on your design goals and the level of difficulty you’re comfortable with, you could choose to install ceramic or glass tile (which is moderately challenging). Or you might opt for self-adhesive vinyl tiles that mimic the look of tin or copper. Look to online resources like Pinterest for inspiration.

Superior storage

Every kitchen needs effective storage in order to function optimally. Professional organizers and storage designers charge a bundle to customize storage solutions for your cabinets, drawers and pantry. However, you can get the same effect at a fraction of the cost by purchasing a selection of off-the-shelf organizers. For example:


Rollout organizers go easily into lower cabinets and hold lids, bakeware and serving dishes.

Pullout mesh drawers make it easy to organize and access cleaning products below the sink.

Turntables fit easily into upper cabinets and allow you to find spices quickly.

Undershelf baskets expand your storage area and put frequently used items at your fingertips.

Gravity-feed can racks — like the soup displays in the grocery store — help keep pantries organized.

This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.