A new year brings with it new ambition. One of the most exciting times for homeowners is when they get to build their dream home, or add the new addition they always wanted. When designing a new home many decisions need to be made with windows being an item at the top of the list. When considering window types, consider their role of bringing in natural light, fresh air and protecting your family from the wind, rain and noise outside when closed. A popular choice for generations has been to use old-style jalousie windows for their natural ventilation benefits when open. However in the case of old-style jalousies, the bad outweighs the good when it comes to window performance when they are closed.

Breezway, at its Halawa factory and showroom, works with homeowners, contractors, designers, engineers and architects every day to discuss louver window design and installation of the louvers they build locally. Louvers, greatly improved over old-style jalousies, in new construction and renovation outperform most of the windows on the market today. Highly trained, the Breezway staff provides support while adhering to the strongest and safest standards that meet the current building codes in Hawaii. With more than 60 years of louver design and manufacturing experience worldwide, and 25-plus years in Hawaii, Breezway takes these concerns to heart and designs louver window systems specifically to suit the needs and challenges of Hawaii’s homes and condos. With safety, security and performance in mind, these systems are locally manufactured and customizable in a variety of configurations and colors with various blade, handle, screen and security options.

While Breezway louvers may look similar to a jalousie and share the same benefits when open, when closed they share none of the drawbacks. Sealing tight to wind, water and noise, you also can run air conditioning and not lose the cold air. All hardware is concealed and made from non-corrosive materials while meeting and exceeding new building and energy code requirements.

More than two years in the market now, the Breezway Stronghold system, which incorporates a pinning system that goes through the tempered glass blades and secures them from the interior of the home, has kept local homes and high rises safe and secure.

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