This year, why not make a resolution to make your home more comfortable? While it may not be obvious now in January, improving your air conditioning system is one of the best ways for you and your family to feel happier throughout the year.

Here’s a guide to getting the best system without having regrets after the installation. Once installed, it’s really difficult to make changes whether its brand, type, location installed, etc. So it’s best to do your studying now and get it right the first time.

First, establish a realistic budget. This saves time and will greatly assist the contractor in fulfilling your requirements. A budget tells you right off whether you can afford it.


Second, plan your needs. For most, it’s just to bring the temperature and humidity down. For some families, other considerations are required: Indoor air quality for allergies; outdoor noise because of close proximity to neighbors, type of system because of community association restraints. Remember, the more things, the more cost.

Third, and often overlooked, is operational cost. Air conditioning requires electricity and maintenance. Make sure the cost is affordable. If your budget is tight, just install a ductless split only for the master bedroom. Use this as your room of refuge for comfort as most have televisions. The system is small and affordable and sleeping is when you really want the comfort.

Finally, make sure the brand you purchase has good post-sale service and locally stocked replacement parts. Even the best-designed system won’t help your comfort if you have to wait for back-ordered parts in the hot summer.

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