QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Will you be giving us your astrological advice for this year? What can you share about what 2016 brings?

Happy New Year, dear readers! I’m so happy to be back with you for yet another inspiring year. It’s hard to believe that this column is almost 5 years old. For those of you who have followed me for a while, you know that while the bulk of the information I share is on feng shui and the home, I also am an astrologer, and like to share, especially at the start of the year, information on the planetary themes of the year.

The rhythm of life


As an astrologer, I study life cycles and the rhythm of life based on planetary cycles — and the tension we feel in our lives often uncannily mirrors the tension of the planets in the sky. As a result, you may experience some of the following this coming year:

• You feel more “stress” than usual in terms of knowing that you need to make a change and you are running out of time. This can be in any area of your life such as how you take care of your health, how you manage your relationships, career, spending habits, time management, etc. • If you’ve already made some changes, this year will focus on paving a new path and not falling back into old habits. • Some areas of life begin to go well with new unexpected opportunities.

• A sense of deep-down knowing that everything will be all right. • You feel blessed and appreciative even though things are pretty tough.

My advice


No matter what is happening in your life, trust that even though it is not what you want, it is helping you to break free from limiting attitudes and false beliefs you have outgrown. If you are at a crossroads, know that a solution will appear when you are ready, and not a moment before. If you are feeling anything I’ve described, take time each day to look at all the things in your life that are going well and focus on that.

Set your home up right

To prepare for this year, get rid of anything in your home that keeps you subconsciously in the past or does not represent or support who you are today. Nostalgic items that have “good memories” are fine, but let go of items such as clothes you will never wear again, images from a different time in your life, expired food, dead plants or miscellaneous articles that have no present purpose. You get the idea. Doing this will make the new year a lot easier to handle.

Everything will be all right

The most important thing is to know that everything will be all right. Let’s continue down this path of life together, embracing that which we most appreciate in our lives. Let’s help each other, and love each other.


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