No one relishes the prospect of having to move out of his or her home due to age-related health, mobility or dexterity issues. Fortunately for people who want to stay put, a range of home improvements can make it easier to remain in your home as you grow older.

Homeowners can maximize the value of their renovation dollars by focusing their aging-in-place improvements on bathrooms and kitchens:

Better function in bathrooms


Often when people develop mobility or dexterity issues, they find their existing bathrooms are not in a convenient location in the house, or aren’t configured with safety in mind. They may need to add a bathroom in a small space or reconfigure the ones they have. When renovating an existing bath or creating a new bathroom where one did not previously exist, homeowners should keep key considerations in mind.

Creating more usable kitchens

Kitchens are another high-utility and high-risk area of the home for seniors. Seniors should focus on improvements to enhance accessibility, such as installing lifts for countertops, cabinets, cooktops and sinks. These electric lifts allow homeowners to adjust the height of key work areas depending on whether they’re sitting or standing while using the spot.

This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.