By Guy Kakugawa

My grandfather was born in the early 1900s. He had a sixth-grade education and began working soon after. Like most immigrants to Hawaii, he started in the sugar cane fields. He was a determined, self-made man who saved up every cent and eventually opened Henry’s Auto Repair in the 1940s.


Having worked for my grandpa during summers and weekends from the age of 7, it reminded me of Mr. Miyagi’s famous advice to “wax on, wax off.” This also was my grandpa’s style of teaching. Times have changed, but the lessons I have learned and the wisdom gained from him are priceless. As majority owner of All Island Bath Remodeling LLC, I strive to keep these “traditional values” as the moral codes of our company — among them, honesty and treating the customer as family in order to ensure customer satisfaction.

One thing my team has, besides talent, is passion. We are so fortunate in this day and age to have a team of sincere, hardworking members. We are dedicated to making the service from our team the best that we can offer.

Here are some of the unique products tailored to fi t the needs of our customers:

• Tub Cut (walk-through conversions). This includes taking your existing tub and cutting an opening to make it safer to walk in, changing your tub to a shower. This is the least expensive way to make it safer and more comfortable for seniors to get into the tub.

• Removing the tub and installing a shower pan. We usually recommend a high-polished simulated marble or granite finish, which is very low-maintenance. Or, if you prefer, we can do any other surround style.

• Tub liner. We have the thickest tub liners available, which would save you money, especially if the wall surround is in good shape.

• Complete remodeling for bathrooms and kitchens. This may include traditional methods or we can cut costs in many unique ways to fit a tighter budget.

• Fiberglass repair. We have developed a method, which could save your old fiberglass showers and make it new again.

We can provide you with the information to help make the right decisions by giving you options that no other company can provide. Our goal is to make you a part of our growing family of customers.