This new year means fun-filled celebrations, spending time with loved ones and the excitement of new changes in the coming year. It’s also the perfect opportunity to break old habits and create new, healthy ones. This new year is a great time to start thinking green.

Some items that can be recycled are thrown away mostly because people do not know what items can be recycled or where to recycle them. For instance, rechargeable batteries that power the portable products on holiday gift lists (such as laptops, cordless power tools, tablets and even remote controlled toys), should be recycled when they can no longer hold a charge. These batteries contain metals such as mercur y and nickel, which could harm the environment when improperly disposed.


By star ting small and making your resolutions realistic, there is a greater chance you will keep them throughout the year.

Here are some tips to help incorporate green resolutions into your busy lifestyle:

• Your “fourth bin.”

Set up a bin or bag (ideally near your front or back door) for your family to leave recyclables.

• Regularly clean out the junk drawer.


On a regular basis, task a family member with going through the junk drawer for recyclables and other unused or old items. • Sound the alarm.

On your smartphone or computer, set up a regular reminder to gather up your rechargeable batteries to take to your local retailer or collection site.

• Keep your errand list on hand at all times.

This will help you prioritize stops while you’re on the go, as well as remember to drop off your items to be recycled.


It’s never too late to learn about environmental issues and why they are important. Setting sustainability goals is your commitment to support the environment for yourself and future generations. As you get ready for the new year, take that extra step by maintaining green resolutions throughout the year.

This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.