For some reason, I’ve never agreed with the saying, “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.” Yes, it is true there is only one first impression, but I also believe that if you remake something, whether it is your home or yourself, that a new, first impression also can be made.

In the home, this starts with the entryway. Improving yours will not only give your guests a good impression of your home, but also will set the tone for you and your family each time you enter. The secret is to incorporate ways that will separate it from the rest of the home, also while serving as an aesthetically welcoming and functional space.

If you want to elevate your entryway, keep some of these things in mind.

Incorporate an accent color. Remember to consider the theme of your home and to pick your color accordingly. This will help to set the tone for your space. It does not have to match exactly, but it should complement the look and feel of the rest of your home.

See yourself. Hanging a large mirror or collection of mirrors on the wall will help to make the space feel larger and give you and your guests one last check of themselves on the way out or coming in.

Add a runner. Allow the entryway to serve as a guide into the rest of the home. A runner will lead the eye (and your guests) to want to follow it. You can do this by adding a fabric rug or by incorporating a decorative design into the flooring material itself through paint or accent tiles.

Let it shine. A table lamp can add a decorative touch to your entry table also while giving you the option of layered lighting at night. Opt for a lamp with a narrow base so that it does not overwhelm the tabletop.

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