Families still installing, enjoying the best of PV

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December 20, 2015
Pat and Ralph Antonio

Pat and Ralph Antonio

Pat and Ralph Antonio of Kunia recently installed a photovoltaic (PV) system from Alternate Energy Inc. (AEI) and they couldn’t be happier.

Despite the Public Utilities Commission’s new rules and recent alarming headlines suggesting that “solar is dead” in Hawaii, the Antonios knew that PV is still available and well worth the investment in the Aloha State.

In fact, Ralph said, “Do it now — even if you need to take advantage of financing. It’s worth every dime.”

Ralph, who is a former subcontractor to all of the most well known general contractors in the state, is now retired and living with severe COPD. As a result, he must remain indoors with the A/C running most of the year to avoid pollen, dust and vog, which exacerbate his condition.

“Now I don’t have to feel guilty using the A/C,” he said. “And AEI was terrific. We were so impressed with every aspect of the product and service.” (AEI sells Mitsubishi Electric PV panels and its technicians and installers are rigorously trained on the product.) “AEI took the time to explain everything and they never pushed us. When it came time to install, they handled all the permitting and dealings with the electric company. These guys know their stuff.”

Ralph’s last comment is key. A local company with deep roots in the community, top-of-the-line products and expert knowledge of the PV landscape in Hawaii is all the more important now that the electric company has rolled out its Grid Supply and Self Supply programs — not only to navigate the complicated new rules, but also to ensure that service and warranties will be available for the life of the system.

“In fact,” said Mike Ito, director of marketing for AEI, “under the current volatile market conditions, homeowners who want to install a PV system need to be more aware than ever of whom they are working with. A company with a proven track record, over 20 years in business, technical training, quality customer service and established manufacturer partnerships, is essential to providing a long lasting system.”

Another important point: as unwelcome as the changes might be, the new Grid Supply and Self Supply options do ensure plenty of current and future solar availability. Ito said, “The Grid Supply program (similar to the old NEM program) offers a great return on investment, around 10 to 12 percent. The Self Supply program allows homeowners to store their own energy for use at night with a battery system; it can be installed virtually anywhere, regardless of an area’s ‘grid saturation.’

So if your New Year’s Resolution includes going green in 2016, start with a call to AEI at 842-5853 or visit AlternateEnergy-Hawaii.com.

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