Once limited to simplistic, clean lines and cool color schemes, modern design has evolved to include sleek, minimalist looks with gentle, war and organic elements. The new “approachable modern” design schemes emphasize the grace of nature, respect the strength of simplicity and can be effortlessly incorporated into any home by choosing the right accents.

Incorporating metal

Metal accents often serve as the focal point of modern design. When incorporating metal into your space, start with the basics: hardware, faucets and fixtures. If you gravitate toward warm finishes like bronze tones, choose accents with clean, minimalistic silhouettes. Conversely, if you opt for modern finishes with cool blue undertones like chrome and stainless, look for hardware with organic shapes like the Delta Tesla bath faucet that boasts a gentle silhouette inspired by curves found in nature. The faucet also provides modern convenience, with optional Touch2Oxt Technology that activates the flow of water with a simple touch or via hands-free proximity sensing.

Complementary accessories

To maintain a modern feel, simplicity is the key with accessories. Look for a few small items to work within modern and organic schemes. For instance, geometric-shaped mirrors work well across from windows to enhance natural light and a touch of greenery can come to life in a minimal, white pot.

Balancing color


Choose a neutral — like gray, white or beige — as the primary color in your home to enhance a minimalistic, contemporary feel. To take a next step and elevate a home’s color palette, incorporate organic materials such as wood or slate in dark, rich tones to create warmth and texture.

Let there be light

Often overlooked, the right lighting is critical when creating a space that channels modern design, and homeowners have a number of options to consider such as recessed, wall mount, chandelier and pendant lighting. If you wish to highlight certain room features, spot lighting can be incorporated, whereas skylights work well for added natural light.

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This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.