The concept of multiple generations of a family living under one roof is not a new idea — especially here in Hawaii, where oftentimes extended families share a home together. In the past, the situation was usually defined by cultural practices that are unique to local Hawaiian values. In recent times, a multigenerational living situation may have other motivating factors. In the end, having a home that meets the different needs of all family members is the ultimate goal.

The Fujikawa family of Pearl City was going through a change in their family situation in multiple ways. A son had moved back into the family home with his two sons, and a recently married daughter also was planning to move into the family home. The existing home was a three-bedroom, two-bath, single-level dwelling. Fortunately, the size of the lot was a considerable amount, which allowed for a big expansion of the existing structure under building codes and zoning regulations.

Atlas Construction had the pleasure of working with the Fujikawas to design and build their new home. Technically, it was an addition to an existing home, rather than a new home — the addition included a second story, six bedrooms, two bathrooms, two sitting rooms and a wet bar. The project ended up being double the size of the exiting home.

Atlas Construction also performed extensive remodeling to the existing home. The kitchen was completely redone and the living room got a makeover. With these improvements, the space allowed for another generation to move into the home. And alas, the Fujikawa family’s grandmother ended up living with them as well.

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