The majority of replacement doors and windows for your home are manufactured in the Mainland and shipped to Hawaii. It makes economic sense to do this, as Hawaii is not really equipped for large-scale manufacturing.

Hawaii offers unique challenges for any kind of building material due to the high level of ultraviolet light and salt. Salt is one of the most corrosive agents found in nature and we are surrounded by it.

Quality windows that work well in California, Texas or Washington are often not equipped to deal with the elements Hawaii has. Those most susceptible are the screens and hardware as they contain metal and have the most direct exposure to the elements.

Major manufacturers have become aware of this fact and as a result have special warranties for Hawaii, as they know what the elements will do to their products and don’t want to be liable.


If you go online and check out various manufacturers, the warranty will say “Limited Lifetime Warranty,” but there in the fine print you will find disclaimers if you live in Hawaii, live on an island or live within two to three miles of the ocean. Most then limit their warranty on screens and hardware (the elements that wear out first) to two to three years. They also charge for shipping and labor to replace.

Beware of warranties that don’t specifically cover labor, but instead refer to the local dealer. If the local dealer moves or goes out of business, you will get parts mailed to you from the Mainland and inherit the expense of finding and paying for labor, which is often the biggest expense, and why manufacturers leave it out. Also, local labor may have no experience with the windows you have.

Diamond Head Windows decided to change this scenario because it encountered too many homeowners who thought that their windows were covered by warranty, only to be shown the fine print once they had problems. The company negotiated with Amerimax, an international building supply manufacturer, and as part of bringing their product to Hawaii. The company negotiated a full lifetime warranty from the manufacturer covering screens, hardware, frames, glass and accidental glass breakage, as long as you live in your home. Even if Diamond Head Windows was to go out of business, the manufacturer — including labor for 20 years after you purchase — would cover ever aspect of your window replacement.

This product and warranty has been very successful in Hawaii. Some competitors — not able to match the warranty — then tell consumers not to worry, that their dealership will repair their windows.


The maxim to follow with any warranty or sale is: If it isn’t written, it isn’t true. If the manufacturer is not willing to support their window in Hawaii for more than two years, what does that tell you? If the salesman wants to offer a “personal guarantee,” will the company be around when the need arises? Many warranties have a clause at the end that states that the warranty can’t be altered or added to by a salesman.

In addition to the manufacturers lifetime warranty, Diamond Head Windows also offers a lifetime “installation warranty” should your window ever leak, or have any issues not covered by the manufacturer.

Protect your home and your investment.

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