I know it’s early, but I cannot help but get excited for Christmas. While most people wait until after Thanksgiving to start preparing for the holidays, I just can’t wait that long. I have already started shopping for presents and setting aside holiday cookie recipes. I have picked out the perfect place to set up our Christmas tree and even have started getting decorations together. The way I see it, the sooner I can get the house decked out for Christmas, the more time we can spend enjoying the décor.

One of my favorite things about decorating for the holidays is that it doesn’t cost a lot to do it. There are tons of ways to turn inexpensive objects into holiday accessories. One of the best places for finding those items is the dollar store. If you’re just as ready to get the holidays started as I am, consider some of these ideas for turning dollar-store finds into holiday décor:

Floating candle centerpiece: Start with a large, clear vase. Place ornaments inside, varying the sizes and colors as you wish. I like to go with small ornaments of the same size in different shades of blue. (Our house has shades of blue as the main accent colors, so match yours to your existing décor.) Then, fill the vase with water. Place floating candles (also called “tea candles”) on top, and light the wicks. You also can use flameless candles. Just make sure they are safe for floating before adding them to water.

Jolly jars: Use clear jars in various sizes (I’m particular to apothecary jars). Fill with pinecones, ornaments, holly and candy canes. If you don’t have enough items to fill a large jar, place a cardboard roll in the center and fill around it. Tie a piece of thick ribbon around the outside in a bow to set it off.

Holiday card display: If you’re like me, you love receiving holiday cards — but you also struggle with what to do with them. Instead of placing them on the fridge or stashed in a drawer, use them as décor. Find a blank wall or space front of a window where you can insert pushpins or nails on two ends. Take a long strand of twine and tie either end to the pushpins, allowing the strand to fall in a subtle arch. Think of it as a loose-hanging clothesline. Place cards over the twine and adorn with holly or ornaments. If you’re hanging postcards or live in a wind-prone area, use wooden clothespins to help them stay put.

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