How do you choose the right photovoltaic system now that the new net metering program eliminates full credit for energy exported to the grid? Now that the utility does not save the energy your solar system produced to give back to you whole later, what are your options? What are the differences between the battery storage systems you might purchase to store the excess power the system produces to use later at night? How do you choose the best system design for your needs and budget? Welcome to the new world of battery backup and storage systems.

The answers to the above questions rely on having a knowledgeable person sit down with you to design a system that provides the flexibility to take advantage of the new world of energy production and storage. Getting a complete picture of what your options are is the way Pacific Islands Solar has an objective with its customers. As a division of Pacific Islands Construction, the company always provided the best made solar modules, racking system components, roof flashings and inverters. Pacific Islands Solar’s approach is to demonstrate which products are best. The company teaches you what to look for in quality and long-term energy production, provides information on manufacturers warranties and gives you realistic information to understand prior to making your decision. Now that the battery storage systems is an option, the company can provide you with the education to understand the process.

Since a solar purchase with battery options is a new experience, trusting a salesperson that should be providing you with everything in your best interest is important.


What does battery storage do for you? It replaces the utility and allows you to store the excess energy your system created and could not be used to be stored for a later time.

The energy your system produces is not exported to the grid to be given back to you at half the price. You paid for the system, you are maintaining the equipment and the utility has no investment in all of this. Energy storage allows you the possibility to buy cheaper power from the utility when rates get lower later at night while you are sleeping, if you anticipate no energy production will occur the next day. Once HECO starts its time-of-use rate structure, batteries will play a part in this picture as we store energy from both the sun and the utility.

Discussing the right batteries would take a lot longer than allowed here, but there are things you need to be educated about. Pacific Islands Solar can explain the technology and what you need to know about the future of batteries.

The company has an obligation to provide its customers with only the highest rated and tested products to ensure that the customer comes first. Pacific Islands Solar tries to protect its customers from the issues faced by only using the best equipment and installation practices. The company offers many services inclusive of system inspections, module cleaning and helping with warranty issues.

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