Having bought a home earlier this year, Chris Kim was in the market for a trustworthy company to help him completely remodel the property, as the current two-bedroom hale was simply not large enough to accommodate his wife, their two daughters and an in-law suite that served guests whenever they arrived from overseas.

Kim had worked with larger construction companies in the past, but the results were anything but positive — spending more money than expected and feeling as if he really wasn’t being heard. This time, however, Kim did his research and that ultimately led him to Hua Xia Construction.

“I heard about Hua Xia through a former coworker, and went out to see the property which Hua Xia completed for them,” recalled Kim. “I was impressed and really liked what I saw.”

Kim reached out to Hua Xia owner Andy Cao, who immediately scheduled a meeting. There at Kim’s home, Cao presented him with a quote for the project after carefully listening to what Kim’s hopes and dreams were for his abode.


“Andy came out to the property and really listened, and after checking things out, he broke down the numbers and really helped me to see that a rebuild would, in the end, be much more cost-effective and efficient,” said Kim. “It just really made so much more sense, what he recommended.”

Currently, the property has been leveled, and construction is under way on the family’s new dream-home rebuild, which will consist of four spacious bedrooms, a gym and a den when the project is completed.

So far, the construction process “has been great,” according to Kim.


Kim particularly has been impressed with Cao and his crew. “Andy is so easy to work with, and from the minute I met the crew, I felt already at ease,” Kim said. “They are all very meticulous, efficient and really take time to be careful about what they do.”

Hua Xia’s work has so impressed both Kim and his friends and colleagues, that “even my coworkers have come out to the property, and a few of them that I know of have already contacted Andy to hire him for their next projects,” he noted.

So if you’re in need of a trusted and reliable local company, Hua Xia Construction is the company to trust for your next home project. Call the company today at 636-1888.

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