HR-101815-D's-Plumbing-2Selecting the right contractor to do any job is so important. There still are people out there who only claim to be licensed while still collecting your down payment and never seeing you again. This could be hard on any individual, let alone a senior citizen. We all need to be aware of these scam artists.

One of the best ways to avoid this is by calling the state Department of Consumer Affairs to verify if the contractor is real or not, then checking his track record to see how long he’s been in business and if there are any unfavorable comments. It’s the same procedure as if you were searching for a doctor. Having years of experience always counts in a big way.

When calling Frank Duarte (who also is a general contractor) and his company, D’s Plumbing, you get a person who has:


• A valid license in the state of Hawaii for over three decades
• Experience in the trade for over five decades
• Local ownership
• Dependability
• Quality workmanship

Today, D’s Plumbing offers you bath and kitchen renovations with quality products and workmanship. Whether it’s a replacement of an old shower, tub or even a tub conversion to a shower, D’s Plumbing does it all. Depending upon your budget, the company offers a variety of “all-wood” kitchen and bath cabinets along with your choice of countertops to enhance your cabinet. It can help you, if needed, with your selection of tiles, cultured marble, granite, Corian, plumbing and electrical fixtures, wall-to-wall mirrors and right down to the selection of paint colors. Should you feel that the colors and styles of the assembled cabinets is not to your liking, the company also offers custom, locally made cabinets to meet your specifications.

Ever thought about having a bathroom on a lower level floor, but was unable to do so because the plumbing was on a higher floor above? D’s Plumbing offers you that possibility without major excavation.


For those of you with older homes, there is a possibility that you may have a galvanized water line system installed. Signs of exterior corrosion, brown water when opening your taps and very low pressure of water discharging from faucets are indications that it’s time to think about replacing that system with copper lines. Here’s where D’s Plumbing offers you a complete replacement with a positive outlook for you and your family.

It has been said from other contractors that they can cut your existing tub entrance and turn it into a “walk-in” for a fraction of the cost to replace. While it might sound very favorable, what about that old drain? In so many cases due to age, the pop-up drain system could be deteriorated and water rot or termites could possibly damage the sidewalls and studs. For this reason, D’s Plumbing always will suggest to do the job right the first time, giving you that assurance and peace of mind.

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