While a TOTO Washlet may look like an ordinary toilet seat — and it does fi t onto virtually any standard toilet — its inner workings and innovative features offer incredible comforts and cleaner living for everyone. And for many, the Washlet also confers a sense of independence and an easier time in the bathroom.

Washlets are a highly advanced system in hygiene and comfort. Using a water-cleansing system that leaves you fresh and rejuvenated, the Washlet utilizes a warm-water nozzle that you control either in the pulsating or oscillating mode. After cleaning, a simple and soothing hands-free drying system is employed, with the option to adjust the temperature. Washlets also feature a heated seat, water-saving dual flushing system, automatic flushing and a remote control.

From a pampering heated seat to a built-in bidet and conveniently being remote controlled, the list of the Washlet’s features is a long one.

In practical terms, the Washlet can be considered a technology-assisted toilet, or “smart” toilet. It’s easy to see how many of its features benefi t those who are elderly or physically impaired in some way. For example, auto-fl ush is activated by sensors or by the simple touch of a button, as is the automatic open-and-close lid. The toilet is ready when you are, and tidies up when you’re done —


it’s an easier, automated experience from beginning to end.

Most notably, the integrated wand extends to release a warm, soothing stream of aerated water. This function of the Washlet is the most effective in hands-free, hygienic cleansing — a wonderful benefi t for anyone, of course. Just imagine how helpful it is for a patient recovering from a stroke that can no longer use the toilet themselves, or for someone in physical therapy who hasn’t returned to their previous level of functioning.

The Washlet was designed with everyone in mind. And by allowing people with special needs or abilities to maintain their dignity and privacy, it is emblematic of the kind of respect that all TOTO products seek to offer.


To learn more about TOTO Washlets and to see them in action come in to The Bathroom Store. The company will be at 985 Dillingham Blvd., No. 300 until Oct. 31. Look for its new location announcement soon.

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