How to maximize your living space

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In September of 2015, a bill was passed allowing Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) to be built on residential zoned properties.

This bill allows for a 400-square-foot dwelling on a property between 3,500 square feet and 4,999 square feet. For properties that are 5,000 square feet and larger, a dwelling up to 800 square feet can be built.

The ADU can be rented to offset a homeowner’s mortgage and allows for homeownership to become more affordable for many families. Many homeowners are looking to build an ADU for additional income, to prepare for kids coming home from college, or to allow for Mom and Dad, or Grandma and Grandpa, to stay.

A 400-square-foot ADU would be a comfortable studio while an 800-square-foot ADU makes for a well-equipped, two-bedroom home. Each ADU is allowed a bath- room, full kitchen and laundry area, if desired. It can be a free-standing unit and does not need to be attached to your existing home.

Many homeowners will find that constructing an ADU over a garage or carport is the best way to maximize the space on their property. This would simply mean removal of their existing garage or carport and installation of new structural members to support their new garage or carport and ADU above.

Dream Home Builders offers a free seminar explaining how an ADU would be able to benefit homeowners and their families. Come and see if an ADU is right for you.

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