Heading into the holiday season, families are preparing their homes to look their best for family and friends. What better time to update and show off the best of the best in carpet? American Carpet One is proud to feature “the superhero of carpets” — better known as Stainmaster.

American Carpet One serves as Hawaii’s leading authority on carpeting and expert installation via teams of the best-trained professional installers. American Carpet One installers are trained and certified by an international floor-covering installer association, which provides the “CFI,” or Certified Flooring Installer, designation. American Carpet One was the first to introduce Stainmaster to Hawaii in 1986, and later became a Stainmaster Flooring Center — one of 200 nationwide. The distinction gives the company access to exclusive products and services, as well as the best warranties offered by Stainmaster, which affords customers industry-leading coverage for carpet care. Stainmaster provides many unique offerings to cover any need for Hawaii’s families.

Perfect for any household, one of Stainmaster’s newest innovations is PetProtect Carpets, which are constructed from professional-grade material that can be cleaned with stronger, more effective solutions, without sacrificing the carpet’s integrity. PetProtect is made from premium nylon 6.6 fibers, a uniquely structured nylon, which allows for better hair removal when vacuuming up after pets as well as their owners. PetProtect nylon also is solution-dyed, which signifies that the carpet’s color is introduced to the fibers during the liquid stage, ensuring that the color evenly runs throughout. These features make Stainmaster PetProtect resistant to food and beverage stains, pet accidents, as well as fading from exposure to sunlight. Proprietary Stainmaster cushioning also serves as an effective barrier to moisture, spills and other messes from soaking through the base layer and into the sub-floor, thus allowing for easier cleaning and odor reduction.

Other Stainmaster offerings include the Active Family Collection, known for its exceptional durability and proven performance. TruSoft is yet another unique line offering carpets with an incredibly soft and luxurious feel without compromising Stainmaster’s well-known stain resistance and durability. With so many needs addressed by Stainmaster carpets, American Carpet One truly has Hawaii homeowners covered.

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