HawaiiUSA knows that buying your first home is a daunting task. However, if you know what to look for and what to avoid, you can bring a level of confidence to a process that seems overwhelming.

• Determine how much you can afford. The first thing you need to accomplish is determining a budget for your new home. This allows you to find a home you can “comfortably” afford.

• Shop for the right type of loan. When you meet with a lender, be prepared to provide financial information and answer questions regarding your expectations and desires for a new home. Certain loans are better for first-time homebuyers, because they don’t require a large down payment and often have low interest rates.

• Make a “must have” list. Develop a list of your priorities for a new home. Consider variables such as home condition and amenities, location, schools in the area, traffic, shopping and the neighborhood.

• Find a Realtor. Once your “must haves” are in place, your best bet is to find a trusted Realtor. Ask your friends or family for references, you might also want to look around on a website similar to Rate-My-Agent.com or others, to allow for a better selection of realtors. A real estate agent will help you wade through the many listings on the market based on your “wish list.”

• Make an offer. Your Realtor will help you make the best offer possible on your home. You may go back and forth with the seller a few times, so be prepared to negotiate.

• Closing the deal. Once a price is agreed upon, you can begin the closing process. You will finalize your loan with your lender, and the loan, tax and title documents are prepared for a final meeting, where you will sign all required paperwork.

Once your real estate agent gives you the keys to your new home, you can start building happy memories to treasure forever.

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