The end-of-the-year race for PV solar is on and a perfect time for a new solar program called “Sign, Solar and Save!” from GreenFiniti. For homeowners who can’t decide between a solar purchase or a lease, this definitely will help you get through your decision-making process.

For many families, the large upfront cost of a purchase or even simply the hefty down payment required to lock in a solar contract can be quite the investment you weren’t expecting. After all, weren’t you trying to save money with solar and not invest your life savings or over-extend your credit limits? And leases can even be scarier with escalating annual interest every year that may one day put you “upside-down” in what was meant to save you money. Even worse, with a traditional lease, you are married to that system and expense for 20 years.

With the program, homeowners now have the best of all solar options. Whether you’re looking for an incredible deal on solar panels from a credible Fortune 500 company or solar split-air conditioning to cool off the extreme humidity plaguing your home, its time to “Sign, Solar and Save!” It even offers the most cutting-edge battery back-up technology available on the market today. Simply put, it will give you the best options to “go green” with solar and save you money.

“Don’t get caught up with the hype of ‘high-end branded’ or overpriced solar panels, when you can buy direct, save money and get installed by our team of licensed contractors,” explained GreenFiniti’s operations manger John Luiz. “We even have the best battery back-up solutions available on the market today that will allow you to save all your daytime credits for use at night. Our battery solution is utility-friendly, installer-friendly and homeowner-friendly. We can simply add this product on to an existing solar system or combine it with a new purchase. We make it very easy for our customers to ‘Sign, Solar and Save’,” said Luiz.


Furthermore, the program has taken a special interest in homeowners who may not have enough equity in their home or may even be overextended with their fi nancial obligations. According to Luiz, “We have a creative funding program which allows a homeowner to simply put $500 down and get a full solar system installed so they can keep their cash in the bank and enjoy solar savings today. Not everyone can come up with a large down payment for a complete PV solar system, let alone borrow from the bank or family. With our program, we are giving more homeowners an opportunity to put themselves in a position to own a photovoltaic system and to enjoy the benefits of maximum green energy savings.”

For those who can afford to purchase solar upfront and outright, the program even has an aggressive cash purchase option with panel pricing starting as low as $777 per panel for top-tier panels, backed by a 25-year warranty.

For those homeowners who already have gotten their utility approvals, the program has a special package upgrade just for you. And if you don’t have your utility approvals yet, it’s no problem. The team of experts at the program will have your utility applications submitted within 24 hours of completion and will see your application through until approved. Its utility approval process is provided as a free courtesy to all customers, so what are you waiting for?


The tax credit window is closing with the federal tax credits expiring in 2016, so don’t be left in the dark. Take care of your solar the fast, easy and affordable way through “Sign, Solar and Save!”

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