Beautiful floors lie just beneath the surface. There’s no need to cover up your unmemorable concrete slab to attain the beautiful floors you long for. Polish your concrete to perfection. The team at Concrete Surface Designs will take your dingy concrete and make it shine. Here are the top three reasons polished concrete is the answer to your flooring needs.


Polished concrete floors provide a high-end look without breaking the bank. With minimal maintenance, they will keep their luster for up to 10 years before requiring refinishing. Polished concrete floors only require dust mopping and the occasional use of a neutral pH floor cleaner; no waxing or sealing.


Add a touch of luxury to your interiors, garage or covered patio with polished concrete floors. Existing concrete is transformed, as the Concrete Surface Designs crew operates heavy-duty concrete polishing machines with finesse to reveal smooth, high-luster floors. This process removes the top layer of concrete, exposing the aggregate — typically sand and stone — creating a stunning look that rivals polished stone. Add concrete dyes to customize your floors and complement your d├ęcor. Further enhance the look by scoring lines or patterns into the surface. The design possibilities are endless.


A concrete densifier is applied to the concrete during the polishing process, filling the pores and producing an even stronger floor with great stain resistance. It is the most durable and longest-lasting flooring choice. If the hardness of concrete is a concern, area rugs can help cushion areas where you’ll be standing for extended lengths of time.

Polished floors provide great benefits. Concrete flooring also is a sustainable choice and resistant to mold and bacteria. It is not vulnerable to humidity and moisture damage. Visit the company website for more information and photos of the company’s work. Call Concrete Surface Designs to schedule a free estimate.

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