092715-1Since February, I have been monitoring my sleep using my Fitbit. It tells me not only how many hours and minutes I’m asleep, but also how many times I’m restless throughout the night. This has shown me that strategies like deep breathing, stretching and avoiding technology give me the best sleep.

However, last month, I noticed something change. My goto tactics for getting a good night’s rest were no longer successful. My husband felt the same way. Soon, we figured out that it must be the bed, which shook with every movement we made.

Luckily, we figured out a way to stabilize the frame and stop the incessant shaking. If you’re having the same issues, you may have a wobbly frame, too. Fix it with these small steps:

• Clear the way. Remove the mattress and box spring so that you easily can access the frame. This is a good time to wash your bedding.

• Tighten the bolts. Use a wrench and a pair of pliers to tighten any bolts you see. The hardware often loosens over time, so consider this part of its regular maintenance and aim to do it every four to six months.


• Find the joints. Look for the areas where the horizontal supports and vertical legs come together. Check them to make sure they are stable.

• Rejoin the joints. If you have a wooden frame, you’ll need to put together any joints that may have separated.
Start by assessing how they were held together in the first place. If they were glued, apply wood glue inside the joint. Then, place a cloth so that it lays on both sides of the joint. Use a rubber mallet to gently tap the joint together (The cloth you placed should be behind the joint, and on the side that you are tapping). Secure it with a clamp until it’s dry. If the joint was never glued in the first place, simply use the cloth and rubber mallet to hammer the joints back together.

• Look around. If you have a wooden frame, check to make sure the wobbling is not coming from damage to the material. Look for cracks or any other damage that might compromise the stability, such as termite damage. Repair the areas as necessary, and treat insect damage, followed by resealing.

As usual, check manufacturer instructions before you begin. Enlist the help of a friend or relative when moving any heavy items, and consult an expert if you feel uncomfortable proceeding.

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