HR-090615-Alice-2QUESTION OF THE WEEK: According to feng shui, does it matter what side of the bed one sleeps on? I remember reading something about this before, but can’t remember what the difference is. Can you comment?

Yes! I would love to. Think back to the various homes you have lived in. Did you favor a particular side of the bed, or did the area you favor change with each

move? Do you ever wonder what side of the bed is “best” to sleep on?

My informal findings.

Interestingly, I have noticed that symbolism is involved in what side of the bed you sleep on. Although I officially didn’t learn anything about bedside positions when I was studying feng shui, I took notice over time, and my informal findings have been quite consistent from home to home when I actively was doing consultations.

Closer to the door means more responsibility.


It seems that the person sleeping closest to the door is more of the “protector” of the home and feels a bit more “in charge,” or “in control.” This does not mean that the person farthest from the door does not care. It’s just that the one who sleeps closer to the door has a stronger sense of “home-protector” energy. I even read that those who sleep on the left side of the bed are more cheerful and positive, while those who sleep on the right make more money. In either case, gender is irrelevant.

My side, your side.

Sometimes people get accustomed to sleeping on a certain side of the bed, and when they move to a new home, they sleep on the side they’re used to, even if the position of the door has changed. Think back to the first place you’ve ever slept and see if what I’ve shared applies.

Sleeping on a different side may help.

When a couple shares that their relationship has stagnated, or become routine, I sometimes suggest that they each sleep on a different side of the bed for a week. Even if you sleep alone, you likely tend to gravitate toward one side or the other. You may find that changing positions shifts your perspective just enough, so that you see a new way to break out of a limiting situation in your life. If you are up for some change, sleep on a different side of the bed tonight.

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