A record-setting July heat wave that has continued into September has Hawaii homeowners wondering if higher temperatures are now the new normal. For cooling experts Ivan and Al Whit-worth of Island Cooling LLC, what already is a busy time, now is even busier.

Along with running lots of fans and cold showers, one method for cooling down that’s getting a lot of attention is the QuietCool whole-house fan. These energy-efficient systems provide flexibility to ventilate homes, including those that rely on windows and natural airflow.

Darren Shibuya is one of those who made the decision to be proactive before the heat of summer. “I live in a very hot area of Kaimuki, and we chose to install whole-house fans in 2012. Since then, we were able to cut down our use of A/C to just the hottest days of summer,” Shibuya wrote. “I love my A/C on hot days, but QuietCool keeps my house cool by themselves most of the year. Besides just cooling the house, it circulates the air while it is on, and I feel it has helped my allergies to dust.”

“Installed in the attic, it draws out heat from the living space and pushes trapped hot air out of the attic vents, bringing in fresh air from outside. Since it’s natural ventilation, you can go in and out without having to keep all the windows closed,” Ivan explained of how QuietCool works. Savings also include a $75 Hawaii Energy rebate.


Ivan points out that since the fan is blowing heat out of the attic, homeowners find that even on hot days, QuietCool is the difference between comfort and no comfort.

That was the case for Mary Humphrey of Kailua. Humphrey’s home was exposed to a lot of sun, and running the A/C full-time was not the type of cooling she wanted. Since energy-use is as little as 120 watts (four cents per hour) to cool a 600-square-foot to 800-square-foot area, this translates into savings on the monthly electricity bill. Humphrey commented, “After installing our QuietCool, the inside temperature started dropping right away. It works, every home should have them.”

Island Cooling LLC is Hawaii’s distributor of QuietCool. Along with offering systems to the public and through retail partners, whole-house fans also are available for self-installation by building professionals and do-it-yourselfers.


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