HR-091315-Revolusun-2While Hawaii’s abundance of sunshine makes for easy natural lighting in the home, if you have skylights, chances are, they stay closed. Unfortunately, this limits the benefits of skylights, because it closes off fresh air from the home.

“With the relentless ‘heat wave’ we have been experiencing this summer, skylights are a perfect way to help your home stay cooler, by allowing the trapped hot air at the ceiling line to release from living areas,” stated David Gorman, RevoluSun Smart Home general manager. RevoluSun Smart Home has found that Velux skylights are top-of-the-line in energy-efficient technology and ventilation.

The Velux “Fresh Air” skylight is a wireless, solar-powered and remote-controlled skylight. With the push of a button, you can control every skylight in your home. The built-in rain sensor automatically will close skylights upon sensing moisture. “With this innovative solution, homeowners can now receive the full benefit of skylights: fresh air and natural light, which of course results in lower electricity bills and a cooler, more comfortable home,” said Gorman.


Velux Fresh Air skylight installations are eligible for a 30-percent federal tax credit due to their integrated PV technology, and are suitable for new installations or retrofitting existing skylights.

In addition to this energy-efficient way to cool off and light the home, Velux sun tunnels offer solutions for natural lighting to parts of the home where skylights won’t work.

Sun tunnels capture daylight at the roof and carry it through a silver-infused tunnel to deliver light into the home, which can take the darkest rooms or hallways and illuminate them with the beauty of natural light. Sun tunnel accessories include an electric light kit that makes them functional at night. “Both of these products are very easy and affordable to incorporate into any home, either by retrofitting or having one of our certified professionals design and install a natural lighting system,” said Gorman.


For more information, visit RevoluSun Smart Home at its Ward Plaza showroom, located at 210 Ward Ave., Suite 140, or contact RevoluSun Smart Home at 748-8888 to schedule a free home consultation.

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