My friend Rosie is an avid sea glass collector, and she shared that there seemingly are infinite ways to incorporate the ocean-tumbled material into your everyday home accessories. Here are a few of my favorites:

• Votives: If you want to add a hint of the ocean to your candlelight d├ęcor, simply layer the bottom of large, clear votives with sea glass. Place your candles inside a smaller votive and set that inside. If you have the space, add small shells or sand dollars to help complete the look.

• Mosaic Tray: Use a white tray, sea glass, ready-to-use tile adhesive, pre-mixed white un-sanded grout, a toothed trowel, rubber float, sponge and grout sealer. Apply a thin layer of the adhesive to the bottom of the tray, spreading with the trowel. Then, apply sea glass throughout, pressing into the adhesive as you go.

Let it set according to manufacturer instructions.

Then, use your rubber float to apply the grout. Make sure to cover the entire surface, and scrape off any excess with the edge of the float. Dampen the sponge and go over the surface to clean the grout from the tops of the glass. Wait one to two hours and polish with a clean, dry cloth. Then, allow the grout to completely set before applying grout sealer.

• Mirror: Start with a mirror framed in the color you prefer (white works well). You’ll also need a hot glue gun. Start in the corners and work your way around the mirror, gluing piece by piece. If you have enough glass, place the pieces close together, if not, you can place them with space in-between, allowing the color behind to show through. You also can purchase more sea glass from the craft store. This method will give you a nice, rustic look. If you want a more polished finish, follow the instructions for the tiled tray above.

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