HR-080215-Akamai-Pest-Solutions-AC-3Just because one lives in paradise, doesn’t mean that pests never pose problems. Even here in Hawaii those pesky infestations exist, and if we are not careful to take care of them quickly and thoroughly, they can wreak havoc in our homes, businesses, schools and more.

Akamai Pest Solutions knows all too well the worry and stress that unwanted critters can cause. “We have more than 10 years of experience,” said Akamai Pest Solutions owner Roger Meints. “And it’s that expertise that makes us the best choice for home and business owners looking to rid their structures of pests.”

Voted best of the best amongst other pest control companies, Meints’ company remains a trusted and relied upon name within the local community, due to its experience and choice to use the safest products out there.

Well known as being Hawaii’s authorized and certified Orange Oil treatment provider using XT-2000 Plus for organic drywood termite control service, Akamai Pest Solutions can provide the convenience of cutting-edge solutions, while allowing owners to avoid the headache and hassle of having to tent their properties. Imagine being able to rid your home, business or other structure completely of termites, all without having to pack and move anything, as the products are absolutely safe for humans and pets.

Although recent times have seen other companies adopting the use of Akamai Pest Solutions’ signature Orange Oil treatments, Meints is quick to advise caution, pointing out that when it comes to protecting one of your biggest investments, owners would be wise to go with the experts of Akamai Pest Solutions, offering years of experience already under its belt.


“We’ve been operating years in this industry, with lots of training,” Meints pointed out. The company has been Hawaii’s Orange Oil Pioneers since 2005.

“Customers are much better off going with a well-established company like ours.” Meints wisely likens the vital decision to a scenario regarding one’s physical health, and said that, “If you are going in for an important heart surgery, do you want the surgeon with years of experience that has done hundreds of surgeries, or the one who will be having their first practice run on you?”

Unlike other companies and treatments, when you treat with Akamai Pest Solutions and its Orange Oil Drywood Termite treatments, there never is anything for you to do but sit back, relax and smell the oranges.

The company will never ask you to sign off on roof, solar panel or landscaping waivers. It will never ask you or your tenants to pack up or move out. The company will never put toxic gases or chemicals in your areas. It will leave termites dead and kill their eggs. The company will do a complimentary preventative in your attic areas. It will offer you a renewable warranty. The company will provide annual inspections at no additional charge. It will not be the largest termite company, but it uses the best in Hawaii, according to all the Akamai (smart) people in Hawaii that voted for the company.


Now come and go with the Akamai way and you too can be Akamai.

Akamai Pest Solutions offers its clients a rich, unparalleled experience — one where customer service is key. “We try to focus on customer service as a top priority,” said Meints. “It’s critical to us that we take care of our clients.”

One particularly prized group is that of the armed forces. Meints is quick to respectfully mention the selfless service of the men and women serving in our military branches. “Military appreciation is very important to us here,” he said. “We’re really involved in giving back to the military, and are thankful for all that they do.”

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Photos by Anthony Consillio