A sphalt shingle roofs are one of the most popular roofs in Hawaii. It is moderately priced, generally lasting

15-30 years before replacement is necessary. Leakmaster Roofing has installed many of these reliable systems for more than 25 years, and still continues to do so.

However, there are some notable downsides to shingles that prompt many Hawaii homeowners to seek alternatives.

Firstly, shingles can be deadly hot in the summertime, because it generally comes in darker colors, like browns and grays. Shingles quickly attract black mildew growth, making the product even darker, hotter and unattractive than when it was new. The roof temperatures usually will measure about 160 degrees in the summer, which means that the home’s interior can be eight to 12 degrees hotter than if the roof had a cool roof coating.


Secondly, high winds will start to blow off shingles, especially after it has aged over eight years or so and has become brittle. This happens because the sun’s UV rays have dried out the essential oils in the shingles, making it vulnerable to Hawaii’s trade winds. Unfortunately, shingles tend to fail at the worst possible times, like during a big storm, causing expensive interior damage. The ceilings and walls often have to be torn out due to black mold growth on the drywall.

The attraction of coated cool roofs is that all the shingle tabs are glued in place by the thick, waterproof elastomeric coating. There is no place for wind to lift up a shingle and blow it off.

As soon as the roof is coated, 100 percent of the sun’s UV rays — both UVA and UVB — are blocked from the shingle. Also, no further degradation from the sun can occur due to “thermal shock.”


Your roof’s temperature is lowered 60 to 70 degrees, making living below it cool and comfortable. A/C costs are lowered, on average, about 22 percent. Over time, it pays for itself. You never have to pay to tear off your old roof and haul it to the dump. You simply re-coat when needed with just a fraction of the original coating.

Coating your roof is the most economical solution available. Whether you opt for a simple “reflectivity coat” or the full-blown waterproof and windproof system, you will be saving money.

The top coat either can be a silicone-based coating, with material warranties up to 50 years, or an acrylic-based coating such as NXT Cool Coat, which comes in 36 designer colors, as well as Brilliant White. The NXT system has special UV-reflective tints that keep the home cooler, even when using dark colors.


Leakmaster Roofing will happily examine your home free of charge and make recommendations, even if it simply is to repair a leak or to install a traditional nail-up shingle roof. The company will do all types of roofs and repairs, and will fit its solution to your budget.

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