HR-083015-Pacific-Island-Construction-2How do you choose the right photovoltaic (PV) system and a contractor that is right for you? This question, as well as others, are common and Pacific Islands Solar believes that with the right information, the decision-making process can be a better one.

Every component of the PV system should be examined, which also applies to the racking system that secures the solar modules on your roof. It should be heavy duty and tested to meet high winds. Generally speaking, from what Pacific Islands Solar has seen, the process of PV installation often is performed the fastest way possible, meaning a poor installation for the customer.

Not all solar modules are equal and, in fact, many consumers are experiencing problems with the modules due to underperformance. Pacific Islands Solar recently removed a name-brand solar installation to install a roof, only to discover modules that were defective and probably were so when first installed. Unfortunately, the manufacturers have not yet honored its warranties and have required endless documentation and time to justify that there even is a problem.


Customers are told to trust the warranty, and should anything go wrong, systems will be replaced. However, warranties exclude a lot of things, so take the time to read before trusting them. Many warranties do not cover removal of defective modules or shipping. Just remember that the manufacturers are writing these documents only to protect themselves.

Pacific Islands Solar feels that it has an obligation to provide its customers with only the highest rated and tested products to ensure that customers come first.

Pacific Islands Solar, a division of Pacific Islands Construction, is a company that tries to protect its customers from the issues faced by using only the best equipment and installation practices. The company offers many services inclusive of system inspections, module cleaning and helping with warranty issues. You can reach Pacific Islands Solar by calling 841-7756 or 372-3255, or check out its website at

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