Hawaii’s favorite renewable energy and home-efficiency company just got even better. Alternate Energy Inc. (AEI) now offers on-site, residential energy storage. It’s called the Home Energy Storage Solution (HESS) and it’s giving customers the freedom to control their own energy futures.

HESS captures solar power, stores it on-site and delivers it when needed most. Best of all, it keeps the kilowatt hours on your side of the meter. The system is based on technology from Sunverge — the “cadillac” of storage systems — with a life cycle of up to 20 years. HESS combines state-of-the-art lithium-ion batteries, power electronics and multiple energy inputs in a UL-certified appliance, controlled by software running in the cloud. HESS automatically lowers electricity bills, improves reliability and protects the grid from “back-feed” or power surges.

HESS units are installed at homes and businesses, integrating with new or existing solar systems and easily connecting to the grid. With energy storage comes more freedom — in regards to when and where self-generated energy is used — reducing the need to export energy to the grid also while optimizing your investment in renewable energy.

• Power outage? No problem. The 2015 hurricane season is on track to deliver powerful storms. But thanks to HESS, customers can enjoy back-up power created on-site from their own solar energy system; lights remain on, computers are up, A/C is running and refrigerators are chilling.

“We’re taking orders for HESS now at 842-5853,” said director of sales Craig Kawamura. “We’re proud to offer this exciting new solution to Hawaii’s energy-storage needs.”

• AEI does it all. With the addition of HESS, AEI has become Hawaii’s one-stop source for energy efficiency.

“Choose from our menu of services, or combine them all for the ultimate energy efficient home,” Kawamura said. “We take care of everything, and you enjoy comfort and savings for decades to come.”


Here’s what you get from AEI:

• AEI specializes in top-quality, solar PV installations, featuring high-efficiency Mitsubishi Electric panels. The company handles system design, installation, permitting and net metering paperwork, and offers generous warranties and renowned customer service.

• The highly qualified journeyman and apprentice technician teams in AEI’s HVAC division design, install and maintain the latest Mitsubishi heating/cooling systems, the gold standard in HVAC.

• As more homes are generating their own electricity from the sun, qualified electrical contracting is critical. At AEI, all installations are done by its in-house team of licensed electricians, not sub-contractors.


• A truly energy-efficient home starts with Solar Water Heating, since hot water heating can account for 40 percent of a family’s electricity bill.

• Let AEI install an EV Charging outlet, and let the sun power your ride. No more trips to the gas station.

• Solar Attic Fans are time-honored tools for removing hot air from a structure. Installing them before investing in A/C or PV greatly can reduce the number of solar panels or air conditioning muscle you need.

Founded in 1993 as one of Hawaii’s oldest kamaaina solar companies, AEI stands ready to transform your home into an energy-efficient, money-saving paradise today. One call puts the finest PV, Home Energy Storage Solutions, HVAC, Solar Water Heating, EV Charging, Solar Attic Fans and electrical contracting to work for you today.

contact // 842-5853 (Oahu) • (808) 872-9592 (Maui)
address // 803 Ahua St.
web // alternateenergyhawaii.com