HR-082315-Ara3As we seek to simplify our lives, the desire for small-space living — even one-room living — seems more attractive than ever. There are easy things you can do to make a small space look, feel and function like a larger one.

“There’s no need to sacrifice great design if you live in a small space. A few simple changes are all you need to make it feel bigger, more beautiful and a reflection of your personality,” said Jackie Jordan, director of color marketing of Sherwin-Williams.

• Look overhead and underfoot. Consider using every conceivable space to please the eye — even the ceiling. “I love the idea of reflecting the shape of your dining room table with a bold accent color on the ceiling above it,” said Jordan. Another idea is to define a space at floor level with an area rug beneath a couch and side table.

• Multitasking solutions. If you’re always multitasking, your furniture can do the same. Place an ottoman with a hidden storage compartment or flip-top serving tray beside a comfy chair. Move a twin bed next to the wall and add big patterned pillows to create seating space by day and sleeping space by night. The pillows also can provide extra floor seating for entertaining.

• The answer is written on the wall. Walls also can be multifunctional. Sketch Pad, a clear gloss coating, can turn any surface into a dry-erase board, and goes over any paint color. Instead of cluttering up the walls with bulletin boards, directly write on the wall by a computer desk, scribble messages and doodles in the kitchen and simply wipe it clean with a dry eraser.

• Have lofty ambitions. Consider creating a sleeping loft. It’s not only cozy, but it also leaves extra living space below.

• Find a focal point. It can make a space feel larger. Try painting a corner, such as a reading nook, in a bright, bold color for a mini-room effect. Or paint a piece of furniture or picture frame and elevate it to something special.

• Get creative with cabinetry. Take advantage of cabinetry with builtin storage features, from pullout racks that create added pantry space, to bathroom cabinets equipped with laundry hampers, hairdryer hooks and bins for grooming items.

• Expect the unexpected. Instead of painting the outside of your front door to make a bold statement, paint the inside of the door with a pop of color, such as bright yellow or magenta.

This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.