If you’re thinking of working on a new or existing structure, hiring a licensed building contractor is a must. Here are four reasons why doing so will save you considerable time and money for all your construction and remodeling projects.

• Licensed contractors have worker’s compensation and liability insurance. Hiring an unlicensed contractor may seem harmless and even more affordable. But if any accidents or mishaps occur, you’ll be liable, not the unlicensed contractor. Rui Construction Inc. & Building Supply sales representative John Xie said, “You want to hire a licensed contractor if anything happens, since the company can take responsibility. If anything happens on the job-site, the licensed contractor is fully responsible.”

• Licensed contractors are required to obtain significant testing, training and ongoing education. A license gives you assurance that a contractor is experienced and knowledgeable in their trade. “Licensed contractors are well-experienced. To get their license, they have to go through courses and have years of experience. It’s always better to have a licensed contractor working on your project,” said Xie.

• Licensed contractors are accountable even after a job is completed. Once a job is done, an un-licensed contractor may be unreachable. “If someone doesn’t have a license, once the job is finished, a contractor could change his or her address, company name and phone number and you won’t be able to find them. With a license, if anything happens, damages always refer back to a licensed contractor’s license number. A license will follow with you for a long time,” said Xie.

• Licensed contractors can obtain building permits. A project found without proper permits can be put on hold until you hire a licensed contractor to obtain them.

To make sure any potential contractors are currently licensed, ask for his or her license number. Then enter that number into pvl.ehawaii.gov/pvlsearch/ to do a professional and vocational licensing search with the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs. You also can contact Rui Construction Inc. & Building Supply, a company that offers a wide range of building services with a team of licensed, insured and experienced contractors.

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