After looking into different companies doing business in Hawaii, here are some great reasons to call Tropical Wholesale, which is the best vinyl window and door company in Hawaii.

• Tropical is the first company to market vinyl windows and doors in Hawaii.

• Tropical is the first company to manufacture vinyl windows and doors in Hawaii.


• Tropical is the oldest vinyl window and door installer in Hawaii.

• Tropical has the best vinyl windows and doors money can buy, specially designed over 32 years ago (by Tropical owner Matthew Houar) for Hawaii’s salt-air conditions.

• Tropical’s vinyl windows and doors are rated No. 1 by JD Power.

• Tropical is and has been a licensed and bonded general contractor for the state of Hawaii for more than 30 years.

• Tropical is insured to $2 million. • Tropical is the Costco contractor.


• Tropical is the Sam’s Club contractor. • Tropical has more Hawaii installations than any other vinyl window and door contractor.

• Tropical services all the products they sell; no waiting on mainland decisions.

• Tropical is local.

Out of all the reasons — and there are some great ones — the company feels most proud to be the only locally owned and operated residential vinyl window and door business in Hawaii. Tropical has sold to, serviced and been there for thousands of Hawaii customers for more than three decades, and that’s a record no one else can match So remember, when it’s time to shop for vinyl windows and doors, buy local. Call Tropical, the local choice.

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