Water always has been an integral part of civilization, and mankind has harnessed its power for different purposes for millennia.

Hydropower (electricity produced from machines that are run by moving water) has many advantages, with obvious benefits specifically for the environment, because it is self-sustaining. As it does not burn any fossil fuels, hydropower plays a role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and also goes a long way toward reducing or even preventing deforestation. For example, in the Pacific Northwest 90 percent of the region’s renewable energy comes from hydropower.


TOTO’s EcoPower faucet is similar to other sensor faucets in hotels, restaurants and public restrooms, in that it anticipates your need for water with a discreet sensor. This trigger alone reduces water consumption dramatically — water flows only when it’s needed, and the faucet can’t accidentally be left running.


But TOTO’s EcoPower models are different in a big way. Unlike other sensor faucets, TOTO’s sensor faucets don’t require electricity or disposable battery replacement for sensor operation. Instead, contemporary-styled spouts provide a cascading flow of water over the users’ hands — less than one-tenth of a gallon per cycle — while a hydropowered turbine charges up from the very same flow of water, storing the electrical current in rechargeable cells that, in turn, power the sensor for the next user.


EcoPower is highly efficient, replenishing its charge in as few as five daily uses, with optimum performance at 10 uses per day. Hands-free operation also provides for another added benefit: cleanliness. Because there never is a need to touch the spout, or any lever handles, water residue and fingerprints are never left behind. This means less cleaning for you.

TOTO’s Aero-jet series showerheads and hand showers are perfect examples of TOTO’s desire to conserve water while optimizing performance. The Aero-jet fixtures inject each droplet of water with air to make it feel like you are using a greater volume of water than you really are. Other brand air-injection fixtures pull air from around the nozzles, which decreases performance from calcium deposit. TOTO’s new air-injection method corrects this issue while creating a massaging pulse.


As the global leader in intelligent bathroom fixtures, TOTO has been committed to balancing beauty, performance and innovation in order to create the ultimate, luxury bath experience for nearly a century. The end result — fine-quality products that look great in your home and will help save money and the environment for years to come. Drop by and talk to the TOTO experts at The Bathroom Store to see more unique products for your bathroom.

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