Hawaii Energy Connection LLC continues to lead the movement. The company’s goal always has been simple: to provide affordable energy solutions that promote and accelerate the adoption of clean, renewable energy. For homeowners, the company’s popular KumuKit™ PV systems are uniquely engineered to achieve peak energy production, maximize available incentives and ultimately shrink electricity bills.

While KumuKit™ systems always have been designed for optimized energy production, Hawaii Energy Connection LLC just launched its next generation PV system, KumuKit™ 2.0, now employing the latest technologies to optimize energy usage with Smart Energy Management. KumuKit™2.0, with optional Smart Storage, is a grid-wise solution that has the ability to deliver smooth and stable energy to the grid, help you store and utilize the solar energy produced more effectively and even can provide an emergency power source.



Smart Energy Management has the ability to leverage a PV system’s production to your advantage by automatically optimizing energy generation, usage and export. Simple and automated control of your energy means you can take advantage of all utility and grid support benefits, and adapt to changing solar-energy policies. Being scalable and modular in design, optional Smart Storage increases your PV system’s effectiveness by allowing either smart-energy export or non-export/self-consumption between specific times each day. Additional benefits include emergency backup for lighting, medical equipment and refrigeration.

The company will work with you to design a customized KumuKit™ 2.0 system that is ideal for your home and budget, and will handle the coordination of your interconnection paperwork with the utility. As soon as the utility approves your interconnection, the company will schedule your installation. Interconnection approvals take longer than they used to, since a study may be required to make sure your system can safely be connected to the grid. Sign up now if you want to take advantage of available tax credits (federal tax credits expire in 2016), and get in line for your KumuKit™2.0 with no money down — the company holds your place in line to get connected.

HECO recently doubled the amount of available rooftop solar interconnection to many areas. If you ever thought of getting solar, now is the time to do so before policy changes to PV in Hawaii are made.



Hawaii Energy Connection LLC is fulfilling its commitment to offer next-generation energy solutions to its customers. Contact the friendly staff for a no-pressure, no-obligation written quote, and also ask about the new EmpowerLoan™ financing. It’s not too late to get solar, and you’ll be surprised how affordable it can be.

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