It’s summertime and it’s time to have fun. Your lawn is the perfect spot for family gatherings, sports competitions, barbecues and relaxing afternoons, so why not make it the best it can be? Before your calendar fills up, apply these tips:

• Clean up. Grab a rake and garbage bag and get started by picking up any pieces of garbage. Once the lawn is clean, apply a thin layer — about a quarter-inch thick — of compost to give your lawn a boost and start it in the right direction.

• Reseed the bare patches. Your travels around your lawn to rake up debris probably will reveal some bare patches. If you do stumble upon a patch of barren ground, loosen the top 2-4 inches. Level the soil with your garden rake and cover the area with a mixture of grass seed and fertilizer. You also could replace the fertilizer with compost. Pat the surface with the flat end of the rake when finished to ensure the seed remains in place. Water as necessary.


• Aerate your lawn. Aerating allows oxygen, water and other nutrients to reach the roots. Travel across your yard with a manual or gas-powered aerator, punching holes in the ground. Make sure to pass over each area only once. After you’ve finished aerating, spread compost, fertilizer or peat moss over your yard. The fertilizer will be absorbed quickly through the holes created by the aeration.

• It’s time to mow. Optimal grass length is 2.5 to 3.5 inches, so cut your grass as frequently as needed to achieve this length without cutting more than a third of each grass blade.

Mowing high and often will produce a heartier lawn that is more adept at keeping weeds away. The new Z200 series of residential zero-turn riding mowers from Husqvarna handles your mowing duties in a snap.

• Add color and contrast. Landscaping adds immediate scenic interest to your space and allows you to showcase your creativity as well. If you choose to add annuals or perennials to your space, plant them in odd numbers and in tiny pockets around the yard — this produces a more natural appearance. You also can add a centerpiece to your yard, such as a sculpture, fountain, fire pit or horseshoe pit. Any of these focal points provides a gathering place and an excuse to enjoy relaxing days on your beautiful lawn.

This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.