Sitting at home contemplating your next home improvement project, but don’t know where to start? If you are, give Drafting Solutions LLC a call and let the company help you with your project. The company has been helping island families refresh their homes for more than eight years and it has been so blessed to enjoy each and every minute of it.


Drafting Solutions LLC listens to each of the clients’ needs and wants no matter the size or budget of the project. The company provides functional and creative-design solutions that result from a constant effort to refine architectural designs to cater to the client’s everyday lifestyle. It accomplishes this by implementing the clients’ program needs and suggestions with its design expertise. The staff strives to produce thorough and well-organized construction plans to accommodate each family’s unique circumstances, whether it’s remodeling that small and outdated kitchen for Mom or just building a relaxing outdoor deck for Dad. In addition, the company also specialize in taking care of all of your local building permitting needs, which can be both cumbersome and frustrating.


So when doing a home-remodeling project, don’t put the carriage before the horse and hire a contractor without first doing some due diligence yourself. Start with a design and drafting professional that can provide you exactly what you desire and is familiar with today’s building code. If you find yourself being swindled by a dishonest general contractor or an all-in-one home construction package, give Drafting Solutions a call and let the company help you. Also, remember that American designer Charles Eames once said, “The details are not the details, they make the design.”

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