Since 2010, Rui Construction Inc. & Building Supply began selling products in addition to offering building and remodeling services. But sales representative John Xie said that was just the beginning. For the past five years, the company continues to grow its inventory for its residential and commercial customers.

It started with cabinets and countertops. “And then little by little, we expanded,” said Xie. Now the company import a bit of everything from wood flooring, wall and floor tiles, sinks, to lighting and bathroom fixtures.

Rui Construction Inc. & Building Supply sells designer top-quality products based on what its customers buy, request and recommend. “When they need something or ask for something we don’t have, we take their advice,” said Xie. In fact, a specific toilet design was so popular, customers not only asked for it again, but they bought it straight from the store’s sample model before the next order of products came in.

In the upcoming few months, the company will receive a new shipment. From a variety of stones, including granite and quartz countertops, new designs for wall and floor tiles and bamboo flooring, the company will be offering more high-end design products with price tags you might find at a big box store.

While Xie was impressed with the company’s last selection of new products, which included 3 feet by 4 feet and 4 feet by 5 feet accent tiles, he said every shipment is a pleasant surprise for his customers who love the store’s reasonable prices and one-year warranty. But, it’s also a joy for him. “I’m really excited about the next new products,” he said.

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