As hurricane season approaches you many wonder how capable your home is to ride out a summer storm. The right materials and proper installation can strengthen your home against the most severe weather conditions.

Here are affordable renovations to ensure your home is in a position to ride out a storm:



It is important when consulting about your roof installation that you discuss the options for roof material and installation that have a high-wind rating able to withstand at least 120 mph winds.

These systems may cost a little more up front, but the quality and certainty that your roof can handle heavy winds will give you peace of mind. United Pacific Builders LLC can install such roofing systems, and if your property has a roof that falls outside of its licensing requirements, the business can work closely with its brother company, Surface Shield Roofing, to ensure seamless installation.


Wall integrity

Reinforcing roof-to-wall connections is important. For example, installing metal tie-down straps that attach roof rafters to wall studs can decrease the chances of your roof, or part of it, lifting off of your house during a hurricane. Also important is ensuring that the integrity of your home’s siding is intact, in good condition and is not exposed due to chipping or peeling paint.


United Pacific Builders LLC has a great team that can provide you with a free estimate, evaluate the integrity of your home’s siding and remove and replace any wood rot. The company also offers services to fully paint your home so you have a fresh new coat of paint that can extend the life of your existing siding.


Windows and doors

The use of impact-rated windows and doors, designed to meet weather conditions, provides homeowners with watertight options that allow their home to be more secure in the case of a severe storm.

For the islands, an ideal impact-rated window would be able to handle 120-plus mph winds. Also, when upgrading exterior doors, consider replacing a standard garage door with a hurricane-rated garage door.


United Pacific Builders LLC is a general contractor, and offers services from new construction, remodeling, renovation and repair. No job is too big or too small. The company is here to provide affordable quality options for homeowners, to repair and/or prepare for severe weather that could impact the islands.

United Pacific Builders LLC looks forward to assisting you with protecting one of your most valuable assets. Contact the company for a free estimate at 366-0575.

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