Big or small home improvements are on the rise thanks to a recovering economy and homeowners who are willing to use a little elbow grease to tackle DIY projects. Here are some DIY ideas that will add beauty, functionality and value to your property this summer and beyond.

• Prep your deck

Outdoor living is in demand in homes across the country. Expand your livable space by giving your deck or patio some TLC. For wood decks, look for worn-out wood that’s splitting, twisting or rotting. Sand splintered areas with a pole sander, and hammer in any popped-up nails. Concrete, stone, brick and tile patios should be inspected for any sign of cracks or crumbling. Make any necessary repairs, and use the hose or pressure washer to remove dirt and mildew. Your deck and patio instantly will look new again, plus it will be much safer.


• Install landscape edging


Want to add visual elegance to your green spaces? Edging your garden provides a functional and fashionable border that sets your planting space apart from the rest of your lawn. It also protects the garden against erosion. Purchase some black plastic edging and dig a 4-inch edge around the perimeter of your garden. Then lay the edging, anchor it down and fill in the space with dirt.

• Create simple patio gardens

Adding plants to outdoor spaces is the perfect complement to Mother Nature, and you don’t have to be a master gardener to get a look you’ll love. For simple bursts of color that add energy to your outdoor space, fill a planter with beautiful blooms or use succulents for a lower maintenance alternative. An herb garden is another option that will provide healthy flavor just steps from your kitchen.

• Add a new front door

While it’s one of the first things to greet you when you or a visitor enters your home, it’s easy to overlook the front door. Replacing the entryway door is a small way to make a big impact. Not ready for a new door? A fresh coat of paint revives a dated door and is a fun way to add a pop of color to your home’s facade.

• Illuminate the night


Adding lights to your outdoor spaces enhances security and the design aesthetic of your home without a lot of work. Solar walkway lights are perfect for entryways or other pathways, plus they don’t require any digging to conceal cords. This small project lets you highlight beautiful yard features after dusk.

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